Spreading our love for field hockey

February is most notable for the Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. While most of us are eager for days off and honoring those we love, our club is currently igniting passion for the game of field hockey in the new girls who attend our middle school clinics.
Here in sunny San Diego 5/6 th grade is when most girls first try picking up a stick and exploring the game of field hockey. Our middle school clinics attract many different girls who want to give field hockey a try. Whether this is their first attempt at playing a team sport or a seasoned player from another sport looking to explore new options, we strive to instill in the girls attending not just the basics of how to play but the passion for the game we love. We want them to learn not just the skills to play field hockey but make a supportive environment that builds their confidence so they believe they can master anything they set their mind and heart to.
Our older high school girls are not left out of the chance to master new skills this February. Many of our top tier national travel team players volunteer to be assistant coaches at our middle school clinic. It allows them to be peer mentors to the younger players of our club. It also gives them the invaluable experience to learn the game from the view of a coach so when they play at the college level they are a more rounded player then some of their teammates who have never had the experience of coaching. It is well known you are never fully a master of a skill till you can turn around and effectively teach the skill to another person. Every assistant coach will tell you that it is not as easy as it looks and helps them develop not only as a player but as a person since they have to work on communication, patience and positivity to be good with the younger girls.
Maybe our girls can inspire you to look around this February and share your love and passion for something with your community. You will find you get as much out of the experience as the community you are inspiring.