Poway Mystix hosts games for UK Teams

This past summer, Poway Mystix was asked to participate in friendly field hockey games against a team from Leeds, England. The Grammar School of Leeds was visiting Southern California and on their tour of our region they wanted to have fun AND play field hockey against their American peers. Both teams brought about 2 teams for some 7 v 7 on the indoor turf rink and all the teams participated in some competitive yet fun games, where the teams seemed evenly matched and no scores were logged. Each of the teams got to learn a little bit about each other and some of our cultural differences over pizza after the games. One of the differences quoted by a Mystix Player was "They don't say 'good game' at the end where we're all lined up for a high five, they say 'well played' instead." Who would have known?? Mystix has recently learned of another opportunity coming up with a team from Wales, United Kingdom. We are looking forward to another fun and cultural enlightening experience with our Welsh peers, and we'll post more pics in the coming days! Perhaps "Chwarae teg", or "Well played" might be said at the end of our upcoming tournament against Wales.