Mystix Annual Summer Camp

2017 Mystix Summer Camp was another success!  Mystix had about 20 campers in each group.  About 56 campers.
The Elite and Goalies were coached by Manny Martinez-USA Olympian and Garrett Best-USA 30 Medal Winner.  Manny and Garrett pushed these girls to the next level of intensity speed, playing with purpose and intent.  All improved and stepped up to their next level.  This group included college bound athletes and varsity high school level athletes.
The Intermediate were coached by Jill VanBodegom-Smith- National Champion DI with Penn State, All American and Top 10 Leading Scorer, Cat Villa - Washington and Jefferson College and Gabby Pacula - Colgate University.  Strategic games skills and movement on and off the ball.  Additional stick work skills were also taught. 
The Beginners learned basic skills and the rules of the game from Ashley Johnson - Frostburg University, Alex Godina - Hartwick College, Katy Graham - SDSU & Mystix Graduate and Nikki Olguin - Ohio-Weselyn College.  
Coach Lou - PSW National Champion coached in various capacities in each division to help as needed.  
Campers received a great draw string bag bag, a reversible jersey, ball and various other gift items.  The gift bags and jerseys were a big hit!
Some of the comments from parents were

"This is the most organized camp I have ever seen."  

"We like the 8 payer to 1 coach ratio."  

"Thank you for taking my player aside and helping her individually with her drives.  She was struggling but the one on one for 15 minutes helped."  

"I love the emphasis you place on positive behavior and encouragement between the girls. So important in female sports."

We know that all players learned and improved at all levels.  It was great to see them all advance in their knowledge of the game.
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