Poway Mystix was created by Cindi Lou-Villa during her tenure as the Poway High School Varsity coach.  She and all of the members of her family have been involved in multiple aspects of field hockey. Together using their wealth of experience and connections within the national field hockey community they have created the only family run club in San Diego County.

Their mission has always been aimed at creating a competitive field hockey environment for the San Diego County players who have a higher level of interest and commitment to the sport of field hockey. Poway Mystix’s provides players an avenue for pursuing field hockey in a fun, creative and competitive environment. With a low player/coach ratio they keep the feel of personalized instruction that promotes growth and improvement in each players technical/tactical execution and understanding of the game. Keeping the family feel, all our instruction and competitive opportunities will be provided by a staff invested in the value and well being of each player learning and growing at a pace that builds confidence and competence both on and off the field. 

Coach Lou believes that field hockey is about playing to your highest level both in the game of field hockey and in the greater game of life.